The World Wide Web, Simplified


Jenn Rathbone with WEB, ETC. offers web design, website management and branding. In this day and age it is important to have a website if you are a business owner. Her approach is to not “reinvent the wheel” - and educates her clients every step of the way. Jenn recommends small-to-medium size businesses opt for a template site on a popular platform, such as Squarespace or Shopify. She meets you wherever you are at knowledge-wise with websites, branding, social media and more.




Jenn learns about your needs on the web as it pertains to your business, target demographic, etc. and makes recommendations on a platform, theme, domain name and more. She then guides you in creating the website, anywhere from doing it all for you, to teaching you how to do it, or somewhere in between.



Have a website but no time (or desire) to maintain it yourself? This is where Jenn comes in. She learns how to use your CMS (Content Management System - aka the “back end” of your website) and upon your request will make changes for you.

Branding Packages


Jenn picks your brain about your business, target demographic, visual likes/dislikes, and much more… resulting in a brand identity package which at a minimum consists of a logo, fonts and color scheme which should be adhered to for all print and online marketing thereafter.


Jenn has been in the web design industry for over six years. Before that, she maintained her photography website as well as taught children how to make their own websites. Jenn enjoys helping others help themselves, and does so via an industry she’s passionate about and experienced in - all things web, etc.